LLB Minor BALL AGM - February 7th, 2022

Our sport has endured a challenging couple years.  We were able to offer a partial season of skills last year, but it has been 2 years without a league ball season. 

We are committed to growing our 2022 membership numbers to closer resemble a pre-covid season, and with that goal in mind, there is an increased demand for volunteers.  

There is a continual opportunity for volunteers to join our Executive board.  Our position terms are for one year and we have quite a few positions that we will need filled to be able to achieve our goal of growing our membership numbers and be able to offer the great game of baseball and softball to as many players as possible. 

We strongly encourage parents/guardians to become involved, attend our AGM, consider becoming a Board member.  There is a credit system for the current years registration in effect. 

Positions include but not limited: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Coach/Team Coordinator, Uniform Coordinator, Equipment Coordinator, Division Director,  Special Event Organizer, Fundraising Coordinator, Photo Day Organizer, Tournament Organizer, Website/social media Coordinator.

If you have any question please contact our current President Ali Fyith at 780-689-9457 or email

AGM 2022


We need your help to save our Lac La Biche main ball diamond! 

The recent decision on April 6, 2021 from the Lac La Biche County councilors is to remove the main diamond with the new McArthur Park plans. This decision was largely based on a survey they compiled which had only 297 people completing the survey.  Of the 297 people, 67% did not want the diamond to stay in the location where it has been for over 75 years.  In a County of 9836, that is just over 2% of the residents. We feel the County was not well represented in this matter and would like to present to council a more accurate number of people that want to see the diamond stay where it is.

Keep reading to see the important history and reasons why we believe the diamond is so very important to keep in our community.  

How can you help?  You can:

  • sign this online petition at here OnlineSAVEourDiamond
  • fill out a paper petition at our local supporters; Petro Canada Gas Bar, Lac La Biche Sporting Goods or    Lee's Burger Baron
  • OR  you can even print off a copy of the petition here SAVEourDIAMOND, sign and collect a few signatures yourself - then drop it off at Petro Canada. 

We THANK-YOU for your support!

Here are some details why we believe the main ball diamond should stay where it is:

  • Minor Ball in Lac La Biche needs more diamonds to adequately support youth ball in our community. Yes, there are 3 new diamonds being built at the Bold Center which is great news. However with the definite removal of the 2nd diamond ( Main 2) at McArthur Park we will have 6 diamonds to use. Each year we require a minimum of 7 diamonds to allow our 13 teams to play on true ball fields. Our association is a member of the Lakeland League which has pre-determined days of weekly play for each Softball and Baseball. They also determine the start times during the week which games are played; due to the geographic size of our league it is not possible to “double up” games each night. Ultimately if the main diamond is removed, we will be even more hard pressed to house our growing number of participants in the LLB Minor Ball Association and its teams regulating us down to only 5 true ball fields.  Not to mention the dimensions of the new ball fields that would possibly restrict  our community from being awarded a Provincial or League based championship.  This would effect our 18U, Junior and Senior ball teams from the opportunity of bringing such prestigious events to a community that has an extremely long history of hosting these events in the past.  
  • Baseball has played a long history in and around Lac La Biche.  The sport has been played in the area for over 100 years, bringing communities together. 
    The estimated date the diamond was constructed (due to the difficulty of finding records) is 1932.  The local team “Lac La Biche Dodgers” (est.1946) originated after the World War II.  Over the course of the 75-year history (that we could find supporting documents) the field has been a focal point for sport and has solidified its role as an important community gathering place.  The long and rich history of baseball in Lac La Biche has created a firm foundation for the success in the continuation of organized sport in our community.
  • The main diamond is situated on very valuable land and is a community landmark. The land has special visual and sentimental meeting that has historical significance; so much so that we recently submitted a nomination for the diamond to be identified as a Municipal Historical Site.  Although the nomination was turned down by council, it will always be a very important historical landmark to Lac La Biche.  You can not change or deny history.
    Documentation from historical maps shows the lands only purpose as a baseball diamond.  A map from 1915 shows the area owned by Hudson Bay Company Reserve and the area is noted as the “Lac La Biche Post.”  It changed hands in 1925 to the Village of Lac La Biche with a special resolution put on the land that the sites only purpose be for “sports and amusement grounds for both the children and the grown-up people residents and visitors”.  The land was transferred to the Town of Lac La Biche in 1965 and was registered as “Historical Land”.  This designation was removed in 1995 and re-designated as a Municipal Reserve.  The land remained registered to the Town of Lac La Biche till the amalgamation of the Town with Lakeland County in 2007 and is currently owned by the Lac La Biche County.

Lakeview Stadium, Dodgers Stadium or simply Main #1…whatever name you refer to the diamond as…help us save the diamond to keep this important landmark in Lac La Biche.


We posted the live draw and our winners on the LLB Minor Ball and our Mid-Summer Sports Days Facebook page, but not here. 

Thank you to all who participated in the raffle!

$2500 Curtis Guintal

$1500 Brian Laboucane

$1000 Leona Bernard

$500 Terri Rudiger

$250 Mark Shipka

$250 Byron Cardinal


Mid-Summer Sports Days August 3-5th in Lac La Biche!   August 1, 2019

Our water events are still a GO!  Due to lake conditions we have moved this event to Young's Beach on Beaver Lake! 

The learn to ride clinic is on Saturday and a recreational slalom, trick and wake board and wake surf tournament on Sunday. Click here for all the info:

We are very excited to have Slalom and Trick Skiing Demonstration on Sunday at 12:00 pm by Alberta Waterski Team Members Ellie and Drew Germain of Fort McMurray.  Both trail on Lac La Biche. Ellie was 2018 U14 Western Canada overall champ and Drew was slalom champ and 3rd overall.  These 2 are attending the 2019 Western Canada competition in Saskatoon. Come out and watch some incredible skiing!


Mid-Summer Sports Days August 3-5th in Lac La Biche!   July 19, 2019

LLB Minor Ball is hosting the 2nd annual Mid-Summer Sports Days!  It is ALL Sports, ALL Weekend for ALL Ages this August long weekend. We have something for everyone!

Are you a baseball fan?  Well, we have AA Baseball all weekend with 6 teams including Calgary Wolfpack, Lacombe Dodgers, Edmonton Pirates, Lac La Biche, and teams from Wabasca and Kikino. 

You can register your team in slo-pitch, 3 on 3 ball hockey, 3 on 3 basketball, beach volleyball and horseshoes.

More of a do it your selfer?  Register in singles for horseshoes and maybe the ringer competition too.  New this year is our axe throwing tournament which is for ages 7 and up.  There is a home run derby and did you know about all the water sports?  We are excited to be have Waterski and Wakeboard Alberta (WSWA) joining us again for a learn to ride clinic on Saturday and a recreational slalom, trick and wake board and wake surf tournament on Sunday.   This is for all ages and all ski levels! 

Sporting Goods Sports Zone has games, games, games! 

  • DUNK TANK - Try to dunk one of incredible volunteers that have agreed to sit in the tank in support of our community groups (this list and times will be shared before the weekend).
  • BATTING CAGE- Swing your heart out at a bucket of balls.
  • SPEED PITCH/SLAP SHOT - Best of the weekend win prizes! Hardest shot a composite hockey stick & fastest throw a new ball glove.
  • AVERAGE JOE'S OBSTACLE COURSE - We have both a kids and adult course. You complete against the clock through our one of a kind course to qualify and have your name entered to win. Adult course a mountain bike and the a kids course a bike (draw on Sunday). Each kid that goes through the course gets a free snow cone! 
  • HOLE-IN-1 - Sink your put in 1 shot? All who qualify are entered to win an awesome golf prize. Adult prize a Cleveland Golf Putter valued at $140 and the Junior/Kids prize a kid's driver valued at $75. Prizes from Palmaruk Golf & Apparel.
  • FOOTBALL THROW - Test your aim. Make the target and you qualify to win a football; draw on Sunday.
  • CANNON BLASTER - Use the air powered cannons to save the earth by blasting the aliens before they take over, or get in some target practice on some unsuspecting ducks. Perfect for almost any age. These cannons shoot foam balls!
  • 35' OBSTACLE BLOW-UP - Can't get enough obstacle fun? Have fun racing your friends or family through this course of ladders, slides, pop ups, walls and tunnels. Yes, adults are allowed in this one too!

Here are a few other highlights we have on the weekend:

  • Chainsaw carver Kelly from Sherwood Park will be on site both Saturday & Sunday from 1:00-5:00pm.  Carving a bear and eagle that will be raffled off each day.
  • BINGO!  With the slider cards....its a sport!  We have community bingo to our line up!  Bingo will run Saturday and Sunday with 3 regular games each day at 11am, 12:30 pm and 2pm.  For these regular games minor will be allowed to play with a guardian.  Both days we have a guaranteed BONANZA of $350 and a consolation prize of $75.  Minors are not allowed to play for the bonanza.  All cards will be $1 and card sales will be 1/2 hour before each game series.  
  • CASH RAFFLE!  LLB Minor Ball has an incredible raffle which has 6 cash prize!  The draw will be done Sunday at 6pm. 
    • Prizes are 1st $2500, 2nd $1500. 3rd $1000, 4th $ 500, 5th $250 and 6th $250.
  • Slalom and Trick Skiing Demonstration on Sunday 12:00 pm, McArthur Beach by Alberta Waterski Team Members Ellie and Drew Germain of Fort McMurray.  Both trail on Lac La Biche. Ellie was 2018 U14 Western Canada overall champ and Drew was slalom champ and 3rd overall.  These 2 are attending the 2019 Western Canada competition in Saskatoon. Come out and watch some incredible skiing!
  • 50/50 Raffles each day!  We will do the draws at Main #1 Diamond on Saturday and Sunday withe the draws at 8pm and Monday at 3pm
  • Our GIANT PLINKO board has lots of just gotta check it out!

We have concession all weekend with a pancake breakfast for just $2 both Saturday and Sunday 8am-10am.  Burgers, hot dogs, fries'n gravy, onion rings, mozza sticks, chicken nuggets, chips, chocolate bars and even SNOW CONES!  You can have an ice-cream at Booza's or a shake with Booster Juice. 

This is a true community event and all proceeds will be going to the organizing non-profit groups and other non-profits that are involved with the event.

You can follow us our Mid-Summer Sports Days Facebook Page too!  We will be updating the page as we go along and ALL weekend too!  Please like and share our page!  

DODGERS 2019      July 18, 2019

Thanks to all that attended our year end BBQ!  All the jersey deposits, volunteer deposits (except outstanding bingo's), team staff and umpire cheques have been sent out.  If you do not receive yours please message Stacey at 623-1189. 

We would like to thank all the players, parents, team staff and umpires for a great year!  

Online registration will start up again February 1st with the early bird discount of $50 again.  

Hope to see you all in 2020!  

Good Luck!       June 21, 2019

Another year of ball is coming to an end.  We hope the weather is good for all the year end tournaments and all the players have a great time!  Good luck to all the teams!

With the close of the year a few reminders:

  • Jerseys need to be turned in to the team managers when they are collecting them.  We are not collecting jerseys outside of this process.
  • Volunteer deposits and jersey deposits will be completed when all the managers have returned their team jerseys.  They will all be out by July 14th.
  • Equipment is to be returned by the coaches at the year end BBQ on June 26th.
  • Team umpire lists need to be sent in by managers as soon as your games are completed for the year.  Email or text pic to 623-1189.
  • We could use some help selling our remaining raffle tickets!  If your interested please contact Julia 404-3623.

Year End Tournaments     June 2, 2019

Here are the locations of the year end tournaments that take place on June 22nd/23rd.


9U Rookie - Cold Lake

11U Mosquito - Bonnyville

13U PeeWee - Elk Point

15U Bantam - Elizabeth Settlement

18U Midget - June 20th quarter finals, June 25th semi -finals, June 27th finals. 



10U Mites - Plamondon

12U Squirts - Lac La Biche

14U Pee Wee - St.Paul

16U Bantam - Pierceland

 19U Midget -  June 19th quarter finals, June 24th semi -finals, June 26th finals. 


Raffle Ticket Update     May 15, 2019

If your raffle tickets are sold and you would like to turn them in please contact Julia Collins by message or text at 404-3623 to arrange to hand them in.  All tickets collected this month (till May 31) will have their volunteer commitment refunded in the first week of June.   All other tickets are to be returned to your team manager by June 15th.  These refunds will be done with the jersey fee returns (to be sent out by July 8th).  
If you still need to pay your volunteer deposit please contact Julia as well.  

TBALL! Start up!     May 13, 2019

T-Ball starts this Wednesday from 5:30-6:15pm at Ecole Sainte-Catherine school (old Central Elementary school).  Back stop next to the playground.

At least 1 parent need to attend to discuss this seasons plan.  We need parent helpers for our tball program to be successful.

Each player needs a glove, runners, helmet, hat and water bottle.


LLB Minor Ball has reconfigured some of diamond allocations for our 9U, U10 and U12 teams home games.  

This was done to give all our players and their competitors the best possible fields to play on.  

The May and June calendars show home game locations. 


Practicing teams or rescheduled games will need to be on other available diamonds.

U10, U12, U14, U16, U19 - Softball

9U, 11U, 13U, 15U, 18U - Baseball

LEAGUE START UP!           May 6, 2019

FINALLY here!  Softball and baseball teams started practices last week and this week the Lakeland League play is underway!  

All schedules are ready on the Lakeland website

Few items:

  • Please ONLY wear jerseys to games.  
  • Update on the process to return your tickets (when they are ALL sold) will be out after our Executive meeting on May 10th.  
  • If you have any unpaid fees please contact us to arrange payment. 
  • If you have concerns or questions please bring them to your team manager.  You can also contact our Division rep Andrea @ 404-4417, do not contact the Lakeland League, Softball AB or Baseball AB.  We must deal with these within our Association.

We hope all our teams have a GREAT season!  

UPDATE            April 25, 2019

Thanks to all who attended the BBQ on Wednesday.  This is our first time with a Season Kick-off and although we had a few snags, we are thinking it may be an annual thing!  As you might have noticed, we have a fairly small executive committee who pulled off organized all the team equipment and jerseys on Monday before the BBQ along with the team staff meeting and BBQ.  We would love to hear from anyone who has the passion for ball we do and wants to join us.

ALL registrations are now closed with the exception on 11U Baseball (born 2008/09) and Tball.  If you have not paid your fees (registration or jersey) or volunteer deposits please try to log back into your RAMP account and pay credit card (for fees) or etransfer (fees or deposit) to in the next few days.  Julia will be following up with those that need raffle tickets still.  

Organizing the season takes time and we appreciate your patience.  All players will be contacted by their team manager with start up times and dates.   IF you are not contacted by Monday, April 29th please message  

BIG THANK-YOU to our BBQ sponsor V&H for the burgers & hot dogs, Bookkeeping Plus for all the photocopying and time donation and Kinsmen for the short notice on the venue (no one wanted dirt-burgers!) and the reduced rental fee! 

More updates in the days to come!   

DODGERS SEASON KICK-OFF BBQ!                  April 12, 2019

We are very excited about our BBQ and hope all the players and their families can join us; its FREE!  Hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, chips and drinks!  We look forward to seeing you there!

From 5:00-7:00 we will be collected any outstanding fees; registration, jersey and volunteer deposits.  All our Bingo volunteer positions are full so we ask that you sell raffle tickets for your commitment.  The raffle tickets can be pick up here as well.  Please make an effort to meet with us, it is very appreciated and will make our jobs allot easier.



Cash Raffle Fundraiser!          February 24, 2019


Now you can get your DODGERS Fan Gear!

Our online store is up and running.  You can order your own LLB Dodger apparel and personalize it too!  From hats, jackets, shirts and pants to mugs and duffles.  The selection is amazing.  You are also supporting the Association with 10% of all purchases going back to LLB Minor Ball.  Check it out today!



Mid-Summer Sports Days Thank-you



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